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Big changes, small results.

Posted on:September 24, 2023

One of the most helpful question I keep asking myself is “Is it worth it?”, especially when it comes to facing problems, and elaborating solutions. Let’s say we need to increase the conversion rate on an e-commerce website. Sure, re-designing the whole website, running a marketing campaign including Google Ads would probably work. But at this point, I would ask myself “Is it worth it?”, unless we’re going to increase sales by 5.000%, it probably isn’t.

Look at Amazon and their $300M change, you would think that it has to be a huge change, but it was simply allowing users to buy things without creating an account. The user’s perspective went from “I need to create an account to order this.” to “If I don’t want to have to give my name and address again next time, I could create an account.”

It’s not always the biggest change, think small first.