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Perseverance or Obstinance (and tools to avoid the latter)

Posted on:June 2, 2024

While working on a product, we are bound to hit road blocks sooner or later, and when it happens, you can either throw in the towel, or keep going. Obviously, what I want to talk about here is when you stick to it.

It can be hard to clearly define whether sticking to it is perseverance or obstinance.

If it works, it will be perseverance, because we kept going, and through hardships, we made it. (”Per aspera, ad astra”) But if it fails, then it becomes obstinance, because we might have gotten signals or even have seen that something was wrong, yet we kept going.

Truth be told, when facing a road block, we can not completely predict whether we can make it through.

According to the situations, there are a few tools we can use to manage the road block:

100% losers quit, failing is still a step towards success.